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Secret Faces : Complete biography

Secret Faces

Here is our complete biography.

From the solo projet to the band.


The complete story of the project.

The Secret Faces project was born in 2006 with the composition and recording of the song Angel's Empire. Influences can be found there as David Bowie, The Cure, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Litfiba and Iggy Pop. But initially the project was to be c

The project concept is the existence of a spirit, born of good and evil present in all of us, of our qualities and our faults. He observes and listens to people's lives, he lives between fiction and reality, it can be anywhere and take possession of any soul, waiting for a moment of weakness on his part. Through this concept of fiction adds a variety of subjects. But you can find it as another themes: love, love of music, the desire for peace in the world, the love of children, the need to escape from every human being.

Gabriele collaborate with Pat Lennon to structure the texts he wrote and record them on album. After having structured 5 songs and recorded vocals for these songs, Pat Lennon grows Gabriele to to form aband in order to interpret her own compositions. The band is then formed with Michel Graux on the second guitar and Bruno Vullo on the drums, then Mike Favry (current drummer of Last Breath Messiah) joined the band as bass player.

Pat Lennon was not able to ensure his vocal structure in rehearsal so as to lead to future concerts, the band decided to replace it by Alain Anciaux. In turn, this one in contradiction with the spirit of the project and the members of the band, after a few months of trial, having left his chance, the band decides to separate also from him. Gabriele is presently singing on the 5 compositions on way for concerts.

Mike Favry, then leaves the band to join Last Breath Messiah as drummer. He is replaced by Daniel Lebeau. Then comes Tyron Porrewecck as singer of the band, it will slightly change the lyrics of the song "The revolted". Daniel Leabeau joining a cover band, then the band then separates from the bassist. The drummer also absent for months, the band separates.

Michel Graux, also guitarist-singer in Toxsick Fire, of which Gabriele Cassano was also part as bassist and interpreting backing vocal, sharp screams and both death metal. After a divergence of opinions, the band Toxscik Fire, also seaparates, with the departure of the drummer. Michel Graux, holder of the rehearsal room of Secret Faces, leave the band and the band separates definitely.

Not having found the team of musicians necessary for the rendering of the album and the spirit of Secret Faces, Gabriele Cassano, decides, with the collaboration of Tyron Porreweck, to finish the album and to continue the project in studio. With the collaboration of the musician friends, who can bring a personal touch for the vocals.

Participation of Gilles Snowcat in the composition and recording of keyboards, treated as virtual instruments, in addition to the keyboard tracks, recorded and recorded by Gabriele, for the album.

Plans for the future.

Finish to structure pf the texts and record the singing on album, with the participation of Tyron Porreweck and possibly of other friends musicians for singing, Gabriele duo with Tyron. Mix and mastering of the album and take it out.

Our influences

Folk Rock
Heavy Metal


Evolution of the project through the years.

  • Cassano Gabriele

    Gabriele Cassano

    Guitars, Backing vocals Original size
  • Cassano Gabriele

    Gabriele Cassano

    Guitars, Bass, Backing vocals, Synthesizer, Lyricist Original size
  • Gilles Snowcat

    Gilles Snowcat

    Keyboards (only on album) Original size
  • Michel Graux

    Michel Graux

    Guitars, Backing vocals Original size
  • Bruno Vullo

    Bruno Vullo

    Drums Original size
  • Mickael Favry

    Mickael Favry

    Bassist (until February 2016) Original size
  • Tyron Porreweck

    Tyron Porreweck

    Vocals Original size
  • Membres depuis 2015

    Le groupe

    Group members since the beginning Original size

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